SZJP-DC-135 PET High-speed Sheet Machine

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1.All electrical controlling system adopts Germany Siemens 300-S7 PLC and its man-machine screen high technical independent controlling system. The machine fully uses high numeric impulse signal for program setting and controlling. The operation is fast and exact. Fix with high technical software and hardware to ensure the controlling of the mainframe, measurement pump, three roll embossing machine and traction roll precision, the synchronization of the machine is well. 
2.Mainframe adopts steel base for fixing, easy installation, reducing time of installment and adjustable for movement.
3.Melt gear pump and the T-die separeted lifting device was changed to a fixed displacement form with moving function. Avoiding the bending of heat expansion. The main cylinder automatic micro-adjustment screw to ensure the stability of material extrusion.
4.Winding unit adopts the constant tension double station winder to ensure the Continuous production and accuracy of quantity. Winding function achieves winded roll single side evenness error ≤2.5mm, and without uneven thickness.



Roll diameter

135 mm

Driving power

160 kw

Max output

600 kg

Metering pump

260 cc

Die max width

900 mm

Product thickness

0.15 - 1.8 mm


45° incline

Cooling way

Double flow water loop

Winding way

Frequency conversion operation constant station automatic overturn

Max. line speed

35 m/min

Total power

280 kw

Actual consume powe

About 60%

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